Boat Varnishing, Clear Coat & Painting

Varnish and wood oils have been the traditional transparent wood finishes on boats for centuries. Most timber, other than teak, will eventually rot if not protected from the elements. We offer expert exterior boat varnishing throughout Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty.

You can protect the wood with either paint or varnish. Paint will give it excellent protection, but you lose the detail and natural beauty of the wood. Varnish also protects but it lacks pigment, which allows the beauty of the wood grain to shine through.

Wood expands and contracts with every subtle change in temperature and humidity. Premium varnishes cope with this, by using quality oils and resins and higher percentages of solid ingredients, which provides a longer lasting, more flexible and stunning glossy finish.

A number of carefully applied coats of varnish can transform a plain piece of wood into something of true beauty. The finish that will be achieved after careful application can vary from practically invisible protection to a glossy coat in which you can see your own reflection. All this takes time and expertise.

Apart from looking beautiful, you’ll need to keep on top of things to protect the wood from saltwater, the sun, dirt, and abrasion. All take a toll on the varnish, and most boats will need to be re-done each year.

We specialise in cap rails, handrails, table tops and cabinet doors; from stripping the old varnish until a build up to 15 coats. At timberprotect, we work with precision and expertise, and we take pride in achieving the perfect result for your boat. Contact us today to discuss your project.



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