Home Varnish & Wood Restoration

We provide windows and doors varnishing and wooden restoration services throughout Tauranga.

Proud homeowners know that it’s important to protect their wooden doors and windows made of timber, and protect them from knocks, abrasions and weathering. Varnishing is quite a process, but when done expertly, you’ll be amazed by the results.

The varnish protecting the woodwork around your window or on your timber doors doesn't last forever. Moisture, temperature changes and harsh sunlight will eventually make the varnish fade away and flake. It needs regular maintenance. This is also the case for if your outdoor living areas have natural timber products, from decorative panels to outdoor steps.

With regular maintenance, wood can last for decades but if your door or window has been neglected and exposed for some time, it may be time for some serious restoration. If you are thinking about restoring old wooden doors or windows, we can help with this, too.

If your weatherboard home is looking a bit tired, you need a new coat of stain or oil. It’s the best way to preserve and protect the timber, and keep your property looking sharp. If keeping your outdoor spaces looking immaculate is important to you, a regular oil or stain treatment is a must.

Oil staining protects the material and reduces the effects of water and UV rays, and it allows the timber’s tone and natural grain to show through the finish. With paint, the timber is also protected and you’ll get a solid colour finish which shows the texture of the timber, but hides the grain.

Both oils and stains have their own advantages. What essentially differentiates oils from stains is that a stain will improve the appearance of the deck by changing the colour of the timber, and an oil enhances the natural colour of the wood.

It will save you time if you choose a professional for the job, and your project will be finished before you know it, in exactly the way you’ve envisaged it. Get in touch with timberprotect today if you wish to keep the natural finish of your timber look as good as new.